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Deliver authentic experiences that turn fleeting moments into cherished memories for our visitors while simultaneously having a positive impact on the lives of people whose lives we touch on everyday.

What EUNOIA has to offer you is...

Sri Lanka is shaped like a teardrop and is a tiny island country that is rich of vibrant diversity. Wonder of Sri Lanka is its diversity; Boi, Cultural, Heritage, Ethnic, Religious, and Climate diversity is magnificent and travellers may experience it with in very short time when they are touring.

EUNOIA is a travel company that specializes in diversity tours. EUNOIA gives visitors the opportunity to discover and experience the colourful diversity of Sri Lanka, allowing them to incorporate the country’s cultures, nature, traditions, and living styles of those who lived in the country in the past as well as those who live there now.

When EUNOIA first came into existence...

The history of Eunoia dates back many years before this time period; when we saw that there was a vacuum and potential in the tourist landscape for diversity experience tours that were able to deliver more genuine experiences to travellers, we started doing research. Since then, Eunoia has grown into one of the most innovative tourism companies in the Sri Lanka.

Why EUNOIA is involved in the tourist industry...

The preservation of the traditional and natural diversity of the country and the development of the travel and hospitality sector are Eunoia’s primary concerns. Therefore, even though we are involved in tourism, we are working to preserve the diversity of life. Our primary objective is to increase the amount of foreign cash that is brought into the country and distribute it to the local and grassroots populations there. It contributes to the ongoing sustainability of the country’s social system. In order to accomplish this goal, we make it a priority to go to more rural locations whenever possible and to facilitate meaningful interactions between our guests and the residents of these communities.


  • We are extremely concerned about the long-term sustainability of Sri Lanka’s cultural, natural, and historical diversity as well as its ethnic, religious, biological, and climatic diversity.
  • One of our primary values is to Rejuvenate, and it is this philosophy that is helping to reevoke the tourist industry in Sri Lanka.
  • Because of our flexible and courageous behaviour, we are able to maintain a healthy and productive relationship with our stakeholders
  • Everything that we do falls inside our sphere of responsibility, and we are accountable for it.
  • Our primary concentration is directed at ensuring reliability in every aspect.
  • We have a deep-seated commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all that we do, which includes respecting all religions, ethnicities, and cultures.
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