The effects of climate change are one of the most significant challenges facing all of the world’s animal and plant life, as well as humankind. The release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is one of the primary causes of climate change. Tourism is responsible for around 8 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon emissions occur whenever there is a generation of garbage, flying on an airplane, staying in a hotel, taking a cab, or riding in a taxi, among other activities. As a responsible travel agency, Eunoia takes affirmative action to lower its customers’ carbon footprints. For tourists who book their trips to Sri Lanka via Eunoia, the company will plant a tree on their behalf using a portion of the money they contribute to the cause. When guests of Eunoia’s come to Sri Lanka, or when friends of guest’s travel to Sri Lanka, Eunoia will make plans for them to visit the site where trees are being planted. Eunoia is always happy to have visitors participate in tree planting events, and even in the visitors’ subsequent trip, Eunoia will arrange to visit the location where trees were planted by the guests.

Out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, “No Poverty and Quality Education” is connected together with each other and has more of an influence on the future of the human race. These goals were stated by UNSECO in September of 2015. Education is extremely vital if we want to rid the society of poverty; those people’s lack of education and information is what causes them to be poor. As a responsible travel company, Eunoia is taking the next step to assist youngsters who need assistance in order to complete their education. In order to accomplish this objective, Eunoia chose a select few families and orphanages located in more isolated and rural areas. Due to the fact that transparency is one of Eunoia’s primary values, every event that takes place relating the aforementioned will have Eunoia providing direct access to the celebratory partners.