Chris Rajapakse

Director Technical & Marketing

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Welcome to Eunoia Lanka Tours, where innovation, technology, and finance converge to redefine the world of travel. Meet Chris Rajapakse, the visionary Director of Technical and Marketing at Eunoia Lanka Tours, whose dynamic background spans entrepreneurship, technology, and finance.

Chris embarked on his journey in the Travel and Tourism industry in 2016 as a web developer, armed with a degree in Information Technology from the National Institute of Business Management (NIBM) and Higher National Diplomas in Business Management and Finance. His passion for pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons led him to wear several hats in the industry.

Currently, Chris is the founder and managing director of Cocybear (Pvt) Ltd, an IT solutions company that has seamlessly transitioned into managing Tourism Properties and Hotel Bookings. Beyond his role in the travel industry, Chris is a full-time trader and investor, bringing his expertise to the realms of crypto, stocks, hedge funds, mutual funds, and more.

Diversifying his global impact, Chris co-founded Cocybear LLC, a USA-based venture capital firm with a primary focus on financing crypto start-ups and engaging in stock trading. His mission centres on supporting innovative projects and fostering growth in the dynamic world of finance.

Eunoia Lanka Tours is proud to join forces with Chris Rajapakse for an exciting journey where technology, finance, and innovation converge to create impactful ventures and unforgettable travel experiences. Together, we aim to shape the future of travel, offering our clients unparalleled adventures and seamless services.